We The Unyielding

Winking, grinning, we stroll through dire straits,
Believing in us, for who are the sisters Fate,
Our lives our own, blood, sweat and all,
Never heard of a man that never took a fall.
Take a fall and then a leap of faith,
Failure was never a waste.
Weakness to advantage and inability to victory.
Shed the excuses, walk once you’ve learnt to crawl,
Fly, birds didn’t always have wings.
Try even though falling stings.
Circumstances can try but will never bind.
Had your bubble burst? Now you see the horizon.
No end to possibilities, all thats needed is rising.
Never alone, the sun also sets.
Be good, for like, like begets.
Before we run, we stumble,
Before we build, we crumble.
Foundations go deep, always stronger than they let on.
Ready for more when we’ve had enough.
The deepest trench to the highest peak,
Can’t compare to our resolve, immeasurable.
We fell when we were weak, but now we are stable.
Sweep away the regret that corrodes,
We shall reach beyond our shells and walk the less travelled roads.


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