My Darkest Hour

It was a real dark mood and real dark thoughts that made me write this song, something i would have never otherwise written(probably). Failure and circumstances do things to us, but we have to fight them no matter how hopeless our fight may seem. The dawn of day will come sooner than you think. Don’t give up just before it does. Never give up. No matter how shitty it may be, no matter how many problems are yet to come, stay curious, stay alive and fight. This life once gone will never come back. When you die, die naturally, knowing you gave it your everything.

In life, we live like kings; In death, like insects we die,

We come into the world, For as short a lifespan as that of a fly.

We try to prolong our lives, but Death, we can’t outrun,

Might as well get drunk and shoot our brains out with a gun!

Slowly and in frames, I look for my face in your broken mirror,

Pain and Regret is all i see instead.

Warm was your embrace, when I came to you, innocence and nothing,

Frozen your heart. chilled me to the bone.

Silence and Regret, crept up on me and became companions,

Death will come one day, lead me away.

Suffering, tears at my soul,

Ripping to shreds what is left.

Jagged, your cutting edge,

Carves out my deepest regret.

You mutilated my soul,

Theres nothing left of me!

Disgusted, i shall cease to exist,

Cus i’m what you want me to be!

Living, but no more alive,

I’m drowning in my own rue!

Death, wont you come for me?

From birth i’ve been waiting for you.

so pull the trigger

pull the trigger

pull the trigger

and let go of regret

Ride the silence,

Leave the violence,

Death’s guidance

shall lead me away!

You shall corrupt me no more,

I know now what i must do!

Reaper, take me away,

I’ll pull the trigger for you!

so pull the trigger

pull the trigger

pull the trigger

let the skies turn grey!


Blame Not Others, Rise to the Occasion

Realise someday your mistake,

For someone might leave you in your wake.

People are people, and people lie,

Dont go asking, as to why.

Hearts are good, but some are ugly,

Look how karma smiles at you smugly.

So, be not clay, for circumstances to mould,

Diamonds are better, for resolutely they hold!

People are people, and people, they fake,

They blame their stars, for decisions they make.

If ever they go about something wrong,

They’re sure to have a list of justifications long.

People are people, they live and they die,

Some of them gentle, some of them sly

Few that care, the rest that pry

But people are people, forgive and forget

Do your best, no time to regret!

His world, shattered

i was a young lad back then, oblivious to deceit, eager to make friends, to love n be loved, dreaming about fantastic futures. And when you’re unprepared, your world can come crashing down on you real fast. What matters then, is how you react to the situation the first moment you find out. I didn’t have anyone tell me all this back then. I wouldn’t let anyone know anything, bottling up everything, thinking i could make it though and fix everything all on my own. And so it kept getting darker n darker till I finally became quite close to what I always disliked. And thats where my self doubt came from. I’m a lot more confident in myself today than i was as a young buck, and its all because i felt really low and salvaged my confidence through courage and a sense of honour that I never knowingly do anyone any ill. So forgive yourself for things you can’t change, make right what you can and try to make sure you never slip again. Through this, clear your conscience, be at peace with who you are, and your confidence in yourself will be felt by the world around you. And this will equip you with the necessary tools to fix your life. So despair, but know when to stop, slap yourself, think about it from the perspective of a bystander and Work your way through the Bullshit.

And here is the hopeless old me :

The hearts, they break,

And the hopes, they die.

All thats left behind,

Is a single wild cry.

A cry so wild, that peace it takes,

A cry so loud, the house, it shakes.

And the lips, they tremble as they sip,

Eyes, red and hurting, as they drip.

All the beauty in the world,

Couldn’t bring back the soul’s cool.

And all the money in the world,

Could bring no refuge to the fool.

The glass he drinks from, shatters and cuts,

And out, all the love he shuts.

He sees then just how naive he’d been,

Loving the needle that breaks his skin.

Alone he sits in deep regret,

Cus Love is what he’ll never get!

Cold, Burning Rage

A heart, burnt and corrupted,
Vicious, vile and destructive,
Born to fear and rage,
All chained up and locked in a cage.
Suffocation a regular practice,
Eyes no longer distracted.
All that’s soft withering away,
All things rough, here to stay.
The truth, unpleasant and bitter
Sinking in. Poor miserable critter.
When light blinds, darkness is home,
Matter not the creatures that roam.
Easier to hate than forgive and forget,
Unperceived demise, well met!
Experience, the bark; hate, the root.
A sibling a sibling is ready to shoot.
The deliverer, receiver, accomplice lost,
The deliverer paying the highest cost!
He who wrongs in his ways is set,
And like, like shall always beget.
Candle extinguished, dark all over,
Taking control of the man once sober.
When the light hurts and darkness consumes,
Everyday one side of the line he’ll choose.

We Specs United, Shape This World

Wars are never a good idea. Sacrificing brave lives for their own whim? What would leaders sniffing money know about sacrifice? Real Chiefs were those who charged at the front lines, not these bomb shelter hiding weak men. Ordering troops to do their bidding, that, what they never would. Like Icarus, the mighty that abuse their power shall fall to their pride and pay dearly for all misdeeds.

Borders, race, religion, occupation.
Borders don’t protect, they bind and separate.
Race, how people don’t see the beauty of evolutionary diversity, beats me.
Religion, all is one, but they take up arms against brothers with opinions. And those without an opinion or a flexible one are looked down upon! Is there no freedom even for thought?
Occupation? Do you really dislike the people who work hard, sweat and even bleed so you can have all the comforts you do?
Still think you’re mentally sound? I say you’re all pea brained, me being one of you. We can’t see past ourselves can we? Keep forgetting how we affect others who are more or less as deep as we are. These people that walk past us aren’t just empty shells, give them a chance, most will surprise you. So, keep an open mind and let you worlds expand. We keep on growing till we die, so lets all grow together. Let’s not let hate send us to our demise, let’s bury it in its grave and let the phoenix of unity and harmony rise and take over again.

We The Unyielding

Winking, grinning, we stroll through dire straits,
Believing in us, for who are the sisters Fate,
Our lives our own, blood, sweat and all,
Never heard of a man that never took a fall.
Take a fall and then a leap of faith,
Failure was never a waste.
Weakness to advantage and inability to victory.
Shed the excuses, walk once you’ve learnt to crawl,
Fly, birds didn’t always have wings.
Try even though falling stings.
Circumstances can try but will never bind.
Had your bubble burst? Now you see the horizon.
No end to possibilities, all thats needed is rising.
Never alone, the sun also sets.
Be good, for like, like begets.
Before we run, we stumble,
Before we build, we crumble.
Foundations go deep, always stronger than they let on.
Ready for more when we’ve had enough.
The deepest trench to the highest peak,
Can’t compare to our resolve, immeasurable.
We fell when we were weak, but now we are stable.
Sweep away the regret that corrodes,
We shall reach beyond our shells and walk the less travelled roads.

First blog post

1:58 am 06-May-2016

Hello Readers, Bloggers and Passers by alike!
First off, thanks for visiting this blog and wherever you are on this planet, here is a global HI5 just for you! Hope you appreciate how long my imaginary arm just had to stretch!
I hope you like what you find here and if you do, feel free to leave me a review, a like or a share, however this works! I don’t even know what I’m getting into. Also, you can drop me suggestions and tell me what you’d like me to write more about(i hope there is a way to do that. If not, I’ll be on it within the week). Also Critics and Grammar Nazis are most welcome here(They’re always hilarious and so full of interesting information, aren’t they ;)…you know that thing you do when you point both your index fingers at someone, wink and make a clicking noise with your mouth as a way of congratulating or even acknowledging someone..yeah I just did that for you guys! Keep on making a difference!).

Now a teensy bit about me! But I need an alias first! How about SnotMuffin? maybe Shitstain? Real intellectual n classy! I know!
Lets go with Tormented Soul? Too metal, even for me! Well, not really, but i’m pretty certain its already taken.
Mr. Peterson, like all the CIA agents out there.
OK, OK this is final! I’ll just be Mr. Head On, since I’m always on a collision course. Brilliant, right? I surprise myself everyday!

So I’m Mr. Head On(still rolling my eyes) and I’m from India(who wants to have a go? Mr. Trump? No? OK…moving on). I hail from the Himalayas, born and brought up in beautiful hill stations with breathtaking weather, by amazing parents, so much so that I have a strong aversion to the suburbs(visiting my beautiful extended family is great though)! I’m a bit of an oddball! I’m a silent, observant INTPT, if you know what that means(It means I crawl up to your beds at night and watch you sleep)! I love Flora, Fauna, coming up with strategies, finding solutions, improving myself, mean machines, psychology(human n animal alike). I’m very eccentric. If i talk to you(and thats a big IF), and we share thoughts and ideas, you’ll either get nothing and be weirded out or you’ll see the logic and even agree(well, maybe). So, thats about it for now. after all this Blog isn’t about me! Its about you!

What direction is this blog gonna take?
I wouldn’t know! Its up to you entirely. I’m just the hand that writes(in this case, types). Its people, places and interactions that make up the content. For my next few posts, I’m going to upload short stuff I’ve already written. Its not much since i lost most of the poems, songs and articles but I’ll try finding as many as I can! And then I’ll be on the lookout for your suggestions and requests!

It was really great addressing all you amazing people out there!
This is Mr. Head On signing out! Take care now!

PS : I haven’t a clue what I’m doing here right now! And also, I’ve decided that once I’ve updated a post, I wont edit out the errors, but all the errors will be corrected at the very end! We aren’t perfect, so why should we pretend to be? We should strive to, definitely but while also acknowledging our errors in the past. Notice how I used “We” instead of “I” to not make myself look like an idiot? I know I’m smart, I know, I know! 😉
(side note: longest PS ever. Longer doesn’t always mean better! That’s what she said!
Update : 21st May, 2017 (3:44 am)

I guess i finally know now what this blog is going to be about! Since, I’m struggling and barely crawling through right now, and it sure feels miserable right now, I’m slowly coming into my own and developing in a lot of ways, many good, but some even bad. You really learn a lot about yourself and the people around you when you’re down and nothing seems to go your way. And I’m here to help anyone who feels miserable and hopeless right now. You’re not alone, even if it might seem that way. We all have our issues, our problems, our shortcomings and times when we just accept defeat and go into a downward spiral. Its not the end. Think of it this way, the injury is done, its time to recover, it might be painful now, but scar tissue is always tougher. Its okay to be angry when the problem is right in front of you, but don’t let it consume you when you’re alone. We will be persistent, we will be the change we want and our hopes and our will, will carry us to where we were meant to be all this while. Your destiny is there for the taking, don’t let this carboard wall fool you. #WeWill!