His world, shattered

i was a young lad back then, oblivious to deceit, eager to make friends, to love n be loved, dreaming about fantastic futures. And when you’re unprepared, your world can come crashing down on you real fast. What matters then, is how you react to the situation the first moment you find out. I didn’t have anyone tell me all this back then. I wouldn’t let anyone know anything, bottling up everything, thinking i could make it though and fix everything all on my own. And so it kept getting darker n darker till I finally became quite close to what I always disliked. And thats where my self doubt came from. I’m a lot more confident in myself today than i was as a young buck, and its all because i felt really low and salvaged my confidence through courage and a sense of honour that I never knowingly do anyone any ill. So forgive yourself for things you can’t change, make right what you can and try to make sure you never slip again. Through this, clear your conscience, be at peace with who you are, and your confidence in yourself will be felt by the world around you. And this will equip you with the necessary tools to fix your life. So despair, but know when to stop, slap yourself, think about it from the perspective of a bystander and Work your way through the Bullshit.

And here is the hopeless old me :

The hearts, they break,

And the hopes, they die.

All thats left behind,

Is a single wild cry.

A cry so wild, that peace it takes,

A cry so loud, the house, it shakes.

And the lips, they tremble as they sip,

Eyes, red and hurting, as they drip.

All the beauty in the world,

Couldn’t bring back the soul’s cool.

And all the money in the world,

Could bring no refuge to the fool.

The glass he drinks from, shatters and cuts,

And out, all the love he shuts.

He sees then just how naive he’d been,

Loving the needle that breaks his skin.

Alone he sits in deep regret,

Cus Love is what he’ll never get!