My Darkest Hour

It was a real dark mood and real dark thoughts that made me write this song, something i would have never otherwise written(probably). Failure and circumstances do things to us, but we have to fight them no matter how hopeless our fight may seem. The dawn of day will come sooner than you think. Don’t give up just before it does. Never give up. No matter how shitty it may be, no matter how many problems are yet to come, stay curious, stay alive and fight. This life once gone will never come back. When you die, die naturally, knowing you gave it your everything.

In life, we live like kings; In death, like insects we die,

We come into the world, For as short a lifespan as that of a fly.

We try to prolong our lives, but Death, we can’t outrun,

Might as well get drunk and shoot our brains out with a gun!

Slowly and in frames, I look for my face in your broken mirror,

Pain and Regret is all i see instead.

Warm was your embrace, when I came to you, innocence and nothing,

Frozen your heart. chilled me to the bone.

Silence and Regret, crept up on me and became companions,

Death will come one day, lead me away.

Suffering, tears at my soul,

Ripping to shreds what is left.

Jagged, your cutting edge,

Carves out my deepest regret.

You mutilated my soul,

Theres nothing left of me!

Disgusted, i shall cease to exist,

Cus i’m what you want me to be!

Living, but no more alive,

I’m drowning in my own rue!

Death, wont you come for me?

From birth i’ve been waiting for you.

so pull the trigger

pull the trigger

pull the trigger

and let go of regret

Ride the silence,

Leave the violence,

Death’s guidance

shall lead me away!

You shall corrupt me no more,

I know now what i must do!

Reaper, take me away,

I’ll pull the trigger for you!

so pull the trigger

pull the trigger

pull the trigger

let the skies turn grey!